Genesis Reception’s source or supply from which benefits are produced is through the guests or participants for fund raising by a unique God-given idea. The resources and materials are transformed to produce the benefits and in the process are made available and are realized by the actual number of guests or participants. This perspective is a debt-free plan for the Clients and is obtained from the quantity of guests and participants to satisfy the human needs of the Clients. A one-time fee of $300 is required after the contract is signed.

The concept of resources has been applied in diverse realms with respect to the Clients’ needs, whether the cost is $5,000 or $50,000 for Wedding or Social gatherings and $100,000 and over for Fund Raisers our plans are all linked to the concepts of debt-free results for the Clients. Resource allocation is used to assign the available resources in an economic way. As part of our Team Management, resource allocation is the scheduling of payments on the Clients’ behalf as agreed upon in the contract, while taking into consideration both the resource availability and the project time.

Our stewardship is based on God’s love that allows us to look beyond ourselves to supply the needs of others (John 13:34, 35). Stewardship is God’s love in action and relates to management’s responsibility to properly utilize and develop our resources, including its people, its property and its financial assets. In a development sense, Genesis Reception’s stewardship also refers to thanking and recognizing our guests and donors. This includes organizing thank you phone calls, emails and cards, recognition events, and conveying the impact that the guest/donor’s gift has had with monthly conference call.

Genesis Reception’s goal is to keep everyone who is connected to the bride and the groom or organization fully abreast of their support as fresh as the day they decided to commit and to enjoy the journey.

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